JB Cole

From the Vasefinder Museum:

Jacon or Jason B. Cole (1869-1943) founded the J.B. Cole pottery in 1922. After his passing in 1943, his son Waymon H. Cole (1905-1987) and daughter Nell Cole Graves (1908-1997) supported the production of this primarily functional studio. Virginia Shelton, who signed VS in many cases, worked at the pottery, as well. The pottery formally closed in 1997 with the passing of Nell Cole Graves. Most of the work was never signed by this important Seagrove kiln. One must study the application of handles and the overall form to ultimately determine the actual potter because of the lack of signatures. Waymon typically threw the larger pots. Polishing of the base is very typical of their finishing, to add

Item:  Well Thrown Chamberstick  

Condition:  No post-factory damage, typical factory polishing and stilt marks

Dimensions:  6 inches tall by 5.25 inches wide

Price:  $45.00 plus s/i

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